How to Have More Fun (Even at Work)

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Running your own business sounds so much cooler before you actually do it.

Remember when you used to dream of having your own business? You would spend the entire day doing what you loved and you’d even get paid for it! You’d get to call the shots. You’d get to keep all of the money. You wouldn’t work with annoying clients and whenever you got bored you’d just take off for the day. (Okay, maybe not all of those, but I’m sure you thought at least some of those things).

So what the hell happened?

If you own your own wedding business, chances are you’re working now more than ever before. The most sinister part of working in the events industry (okay, it’s kind of awesome, too), is that you attend parties all of the time. The reason that’s not such a great thing is because you can start to believe that because you go to other people’s parties and networking events, you have a life. When, in fact, you do not.

Never fear. Your coach is here to help you try out some new strategies to build real fun back into your life and, yes, even your work.

Connect with your purpose: You love what you do. If you’ve lost some of that passion, rekindle the fire by doing something creative totally for you. If you’re a stationer, make a new design just because you think it’s pretty. When you take time to meditate on your life purpose and the mission of your business, you’ll also enjoy and appreciate the stuff that’s not as glamorous because it’s part of your larger mission. Paperwork doesn’t seem so monotonous, when it means that you get to change people’s lives (and we all do, in some way). Connect with your purpose and you’ll enjoy deeper meaning and fulfillment in absolutely everything you do.

Connect with your friends: You need friends outside of the wedding industry. Right now. I’m sure you used to have some, probably until you became completely engrossed in your wedding business and eventually they stopped calling. It’s not too late to salvage those friendships. You’ve simply got to spend time outside of your wedding world.

Connect with nature: I’ve been hearing more and more good things about the healthy benefits of being in the great outdoors. Some studies even show that you get a huge benefit from just five minutes of walking in a greenspace. If you live in the city, schedule monthly getaways and find a sanctuary (like the Garfield Park Conservatory).

Connect with yourself: Want to be more in tune with yourself and the universe (or your higher power)? Here are my three favorites: exercise, meditation (video) and yoga (video). Click the links for more information on how to get started. If you add more of these three things into your daily (or weekly) life, you’re going to see the benefits almost immediately. You will feel better, look better and have a deeper sense of calm. I can’t think of better ways to ward off stress. And you can’t have fun if you are stressed out.

Understand their importance: If you aren’t making these connections regularly, you’re going to lose your mind. At the very least, your business and your personal life will suffer. It’s not healthy and it’s definitely not fun. You won’t change until you realize how devastating it’s been to not do good things for yourself. The best way to recognize the difference is to start making some of these positive changes in your life and to keep a journal of how you feel and how business is going.

Schedule it: Once you understand that you’ll be more productive and more focused, have more energy, be happier and healthier, too, it won’t take much to start building time into your day for these essentials. You don’t need hours at a time, either. Five minutes of meditation or centering before a meeting can make all the difference. Can’t make it to the gym? Try biking on errands or walking to the next bus stop.

So many of my coaching clients (like all wedding entrepreneurs) struggle to take care of themselves in this way and it takes its toll on their businesses and their lives. Commit today to being better to yourself, not because it will help your business (even though it will), but because you are totally worth it.