Never Schedule a Meeting Again

If you spend way too much time trying to schedule meetings with clients, potential clients, other vendors or anyone else, your life is about to get a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to the thirty-email conversation where you keep trying to randomly guess which date will work for the other person. Stop setting reminders for yourself to remind other people to show up to your meetings. How many hours a week could you save if you didn’t have to schedule appointments?Enter This amazing piece of webware lets potential clients schedule appointments with you instantly online. It does all of the work so you get to have all of the fun. Here are five reasons timetrade is my best friend:

1) Potential clients can schedule appointments instantly online, 24/7.

2) It automatically sends them a reminder at just the right time (usually a day or so before the meeting).

3) It syncs with Google Calendar so whenever someone schedules an appointment with you, it’s automagically (yes, that’s my favorite word) added to your calendar.

4) It checks your calendar for you. So if you add a new event to your Google calendar, it won’t show open appointment times during that event. Never double book.

5) It ain’t ugly. The interface isn’t gorgeous, but I’ve looked at more than a handful of other online scheduling systems and they’re all ugly as sin.

The sixth reason I love timetrade is that the annual fee is $49. I generally like my webapps free, but for the punch it packs, fifty bucks is just plain giving it away. Like any respectable web service, they also offer a free trial so you can try before you buy.

If I had to come up with some downsides to the service, it would probably be the lack of control you get over some aspects (like when those reminder emails go out). That said, I haven’t had any missed appointments yet, so I’m not sweating it. And any features they’ve lacked (like iPhone compatibility – c’mon, people) they’ve quickly rectified (their calendars are now iPhone and iPad friendly.)

As usual, I don’t make a dime for recommending them (though I probably should). It’s just one of my favorite tools and one you should definitely know about if you’re sick of wasting time trying to schedule appointments. What are you going to do with all of that free time?

Get that free trial here:


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