Three Things You’re Doing To Get Bad Brides

Every wedding entrepreneur wants tons of great clients. But most of us have had a couple of rotten ones, too. If you’ve ever gotten one lousy review on Yelp, worked with a really needy bride or had somebody inexplicably demand a refund, you know what I mean. And you also know how much it sucks.

As a coach, I help point out things that wedding business owners don’t realize they’re doing. Things that are attracting exactly the wrong types of clients. Here are three things you’re doing to get bad brides:

You don’t set boundaries.
This shows up in a lot of different ways. Often, it’s making one-too-many revisions for a needy client or dropping your price way more than you should.

You break your own rules.
It’s not good enough just to have rules (rules like “no checking email after 7pm”). You actually have to stick to them (at least the good ones). When you break your own rules, you open the door to let clients walk all over you, too.

You want money more than you want a great wedding business.
This is a gut-punch, I know. It’s not your fault – you’ve been taught that the way to have a successful business is to try to work with every bride that even looks at you. If you really want an incredible business, doesn’t it make more sense to drop the duds and focus only on your best clients and giving them your best work?

The reason wedding planners and wedding vendors do these things is simple: we’re afraid to lose the business. Once you realize how much bad clients cost (think back to that painful Yelp review), suddenly, letting them walk away before things get ugly sounds pretty enticing.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to find out exactly what types of brides you’re attracting and why, check out the Get Better Brides Process.


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