Three Bad Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

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It’s August. Where has your Summer gone? In the thick of wedding season (wedding hell, for some of us), I thought it was high time to make a list of some really terrible ideas for saving time. Time management is overrated, in my opinion, so today I’m bringing the snark. Are you guilty of any of these? Here are three quick (joking) tips to get more done in less time:

1. Eat lunch standing over the garbage can. No dishes! No napkins! No wasted time sitting down and then getting back up again. Want to shave off a few more seconds? Eat only foods that require absolutely no prep time, like pre-cooked breakfast sausages (so you don’t have to heat them up). If it doesn’t taste good, you won’t waste time savoring it!

2. Multitask your relationships. Watching a movie with your soon-to-be ex-wife? Why not text your friends and update Facebook at the same time? If you’re picking up the kids from camp, just conference call your mother, your best friend and your boyfriend so you don’t end up telling the same story more than once.

3. Quit being so nice. If you’re wasting time by starting emails with a greeting or by signing your name at the end (or even using punctuation, for that matter) you’re wasting precious hours of your day. Full sentences are 4 suckers. Eliminating such frivolous niceties from regular speech will even help you meet twice as many people at networking events! Just think of all of those business cards…

I hope you enjoyed these. Sadly, these probably hit pretty close to home for a lot of vendors. We’re not this bad (I hope), but we’re definitely running out of ideas for cramming more into an already packed schedule. If you’re serious about being at peace and not feeling frantic, there is hope. Take the VendorCrush Assessment and find out how you’re getting in your own way when it comes to booking the right clients and having a schedule that isn’t eating you alive.