Pug Road Trip: The Open Road

Roscoe is our security guard at Pawnee Lake near Lincoln, NE.

We’re on the road! Our trip has been full of surprises: some pleasant, some pretty unsettling. We’ve had plenty of time for bonding, sing-alongs and car games. And we haven’t tried to kill each other yet.

Gorgeous sunset view from our campsite on Pawnee Lake.

I was totally unprepared for tent-camping in below-freezing overnight temperatures (a big change from daytime temps near 90 degrees). Even with the air mattress, wife and two pugs (the perfect foot-warmers), it was pretty chilly. And I learned humility when I heard the rustlings of what we later decided was a mountain lion near the tent and I (being alone with four nervous dogs) jumped frantically into the car to avoid dying. I think I scared it off by slamming the car door.


We had planned on Nebraska being our least-lovely stop, but Pawnee Lake turned out to be beautiful. A generous local man even drove up to our campsite to offer us free firewood. Several locals drove their trucks by our campsite before dusk. Being a bit of a city kid, I though they might be plotting to murder us. In the morning, we realized they probably just wanted to see the “brave” out-of-towners who would be camping with temps in the mid-thirties.

There’s not much to say about the road. It’s a lot of highway. It’s been fun watching the landscape change from hilly to flat, green to yellow to white and back, desert to lush mountains.

Jeff spots some big horn sheep.

We’d heard Lake Tahoe was beautiful. Absolutely nothing could prepare us for the awe-inspiring experience of Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe. From the intoxicating, deep smell of pine to the panoramic view of green-blue water and never-ending mountains, it was definitely the highlight of our trip up to that point. For my Midwestern friends who haven’t been, Lake Tahoe is like Wisconsin on steroids: bigger lakes, big trees and *much* bigger hills. We really didn’t want to leave.

View from the island at Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe.

It’s hard to believe our road trip is half over. I’ll post soon about California. We’ll be traveling up the coast and making our way to Portland.

Jeff and Emily want to live on this island.

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Wish you were here.

Jeff & Emily