How to Beat Holiday Stress: Part 1

Know Your Button-Pushers

The holidays can be absolutely wonderful. Strangers showing kindness. Meals shared among family and friends. Drunk co-workers embarrassing themselves at the company holiday party.

But remember that lady that pepper-sprayed another Walmart customer on Black Friday in 2011? Yeah, that was crazy. Somebody pushed her buttons and she snapped. Here are some questions for you to consider so you don’t wind up in the slammer for assault-by-condiment:

Who got your goat last year? Which situations and people really drove you crazy?

What are you dreading this year? When you think about seeing family, who are you nervous to talk to? What makes you really upset?

When are your peak freakout times? Are you especially nuts around family? Do you get more stressed out when you stay up late?

What led up to your freakout last year? If you didn’t have a mini-meltdown, good for you. If you did, what frame of mind were you in leading up to it?

This stuff isn’t always fun to think about, but taking the time to examine your moments of weakness could make a huge difference. You don’t have to be a stress-ball this season. By becoming aware of your button-pushers, you can make a conscious choice to respond differently. Instead of blowing up, leaving the room or having a sixth eggnog, choose how you want to be this year.

Stay tuned for Monday’s post with tools for beating holiday stress.

This post is part one of a five part series on helping entrepreneurs beat holiday stress. In the holiday spirit of giving, Jeff is offering a free class on beating holiday stress at, which starts Dec. 3, 2012. Register Now.