3 Steps to Crush Information Overload

I love information. The internets have opened up the entire world to us. I’ll start out on Facebook, read some blogs and follow the links until I’m lost in the great interweb vortex. It’s more like drowning than surfing. As much as I love being connected, sometimes it’s too much. When I start to feel like a zombie, I know I’ve got to switch it up before I lose my mind completely.


Here’s how I beat information overload:

1. Shut it down, ladies. I literally turn off the computer, iPhone, whatever. When I’m totally maxed out, I’ve got to completely disconnect.

2. Get the heck out (or in). It’s not enough for me to just power down all of the screens in my life. I’ve got to get away. I prefer a walk along the beach, but a stroll in the park works, too. It’s just as good, though, to go within through meditating, yoga or centering. I’ll combine them when I can: nothing beats meditating on the water.

3. Connect IRL (in real life). When too much Facebook and local news has you feeling super cynical about the planet, meeting face-to-face with a friend is the perfect way to remind you that good exists. I always feel so much better after I’ve made a connection, even if it’s just saying “hello” to the neighbors.

What’s your secret recipe for tackling information overload?