Tuesday Tech Tip: Use GetHuman to Talk to a Person

Wedding entrepreneurs simply do not have time to waste being on hold with corporations. If you’ve never used gethuman.com, you’re going to love it. I’ve known about the service for years, but for reasons I don’t understand, I keep forgetting to use it. So if you know about Get Human but you haven’t been using it consistently, this is your friendly nudge.

I’m temporarily living in Canada and my Verizon contract is on hold. They only let you suspend your account for three months at a time (but they’ll set it up to automatically go on hold again if you beg them) and there was a glitch so I got a bill. I don’t like getting bills for service I’m not getting. I wanted this resolved asap and while it wasn’t a huge deal, it was definitely a nuisance.

Here’s what I (naively) tried first:

  1. Went to Verizonwireless.com (5 seconds)
  2. Tried to find their contact number (30 seconds)
  3. Had to search the troubleshooting forums first (~1 minute)
  4. Finally got a number (30 seconds)
  5. Went from phone tree to phone tree until I gave up (4 minutes)

In total, I spent maybe 6-8 minutes getting really frustrated and upset and hating Verizon (and not solving anything). Granted, that’s not that much time, but I’ve definitely been on hold or in phone tree hell for 30 minutes or longer. I’m sure you have, too. The next day, I remembered to use Get Human.

Here’s what happened with Get Human:

  1. I googled “get human verizon” (5 seconds)
  2. I called the number and dialed as directed (20 seconds)
  3. I heard, “Please wait while we transfer you” and was put on hold (45 seconds)
  4. I spoke to a representative and got it resolved (2 minutes)

In less than five minutes, the issue was resolved and I felt fantastic.

There are alternatives to Get Human, but, as far as I know, it has the largest database and most up-to-date information. I’ve been really impressed every time I use it. I think they have mobile apps as well. If you’ve used their apps, please let us know what you thought in the comments.

Save your time. Save your sanity. Quit dicking around and talk to someone who can actually help you with GetHuman. And let this be a reminder to all of us small business owners to actually pick up the phone on the first ring. It makes the people we need and love (our clients) love us.