Are Your Friends Dream-Killers?

Bad Luck Brian Meme“You are the average of the five people you hang around the most.” Ever heard that? I think it’s a little scary. I have definitely seen this play out in my own life: from my sense of humor to my accent to how much I work out. I influence my friends (and my wife and my pugs) and they all influence me. When it comes to your dream and taking your business where you want it to go, are your friends an asset or a liability?

Here’s how you find out (without asking them). Just think about sharing what you really want with them (even if it means moving away from them or doing something they might not totally agree with). How do you think they will respond? Are they behind you 100%? Do they want you to be really happy even if your dream seems silly to them? Do they shit on your dreams? If you’re not sure, tell them and find out.

If your friends won’t support you when it comes to having the life you want, they aren’t your friends.

Do you need to make any changes to your close friend-lineup? This is as much about ditching the dead weight as it is about building a support team for yourself. My clients often find that as their perspective changes, some friends naturally drift away and new, more supportive friends come into their life. It’s a bold, life-changing move. Are you game?