Day 3: Three Tips to Streamline Your Wedding Business

For Day 3 of the Simplify Your Summer series, we have some ideas for keeping it together this wedding season (and beyond) from Heather and Jennifer of Outstanding Occasions. Check it out:

Heather and Jennifer from Outstanding Occasions
If you want to simplify during wedding season, these three tips will help you streamline your wedding business so that you can really focus on your clients and their weddings.

Calendar it: Whether you use iCal, Google Calendar, a traditional paper calendar or something else, make sure that you schedule everything. In our company, if it is not in our Google calendar, it is not considered real. Each team member includes all of their tasks, appointments, vacations, blog posts, team meetings, reminders to review our monthly finances, due dates for client projects, etc. in our company calendar. If you have a team, we suggest using an online version, because (1) it can be accessed from anywhere, (2) you can email or send text messages as reminders, and (3) the calendar can easily be shared with others.

Organize it: Whether you use the traditional paper and file system or an online project management system such as Basecamp, try to organize each of your projects in a way that is easy to recognize where you are in your process. Remember, organizing is a form of planning. By taking the upfront time to consolidate your project with to do lists, meetings, due dates, etc. you will be more efficient when things are busy. Good organization results in less mistakes, avoids duplicate work and gives clear objectives for you, your client and your team. A well-run organized company is in a stronger position in a competitive marketplace.

Automate it: While we do suggest you give a personal experience for each individual client, some things can be automated and will quickly help streamline your business. Invoicing a client is one of those monotonous tasks most wedding professionals do not enjoy doing, but we must get paid. Setting up recurring billing with an online invoicing system such as FreshbooksHarvest or Curdbee can be very beneficial to your company. An automatic online billing system reduces time spent sending invoices each month, gives clients the ability to pay via credit card, and provides a more professional way to send your invoices.

Take action today so that your wedding season can run smoothly. Calendar, organize and automate it!

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