Don’t Force It

dontforceitAre you trying too hard? It’s easy to get swept up in the “I must market my wedding business!” mindset, but it’s dangerous. Nobody likes it when you’re being pushy. I think it all comes down to fear. If you’re afraid of not having enough sales, or worse: going under, it’s a totally natural reaction to go into desperate-marketing-mode. But, please, don’t do it.

Being desperate and pushy doesn’t work. Do you like it when your Facebook newsfeed is full of self-promotional stuff? When somebody calls you because they need your business? When you get the 100th email saying “free junk” or “please stop what you’re doing and buy this!”? Nobody does.

Learn from it. It’s tempting to ignore what made you jump into gross-marketing mode, but it’s worth a closer look. What in particular made you feel like you had to go into sales mode? Where is the fear? When you know the fear, it’s a whole lot easier to squash it. Uncovering it is often enough to say, “hey, it’s really not so bad.”

Instead, be passionate. People love real, authentic passion. You are intensely passionate about what you do and who you serve. You’re probably also passionate about weird things like unicycles, garage sales or action figures. Be your weird self. Connect with people who love what you do. Put yourself out there. Be a leader in passion. Not only will it naturally lead you to the right clients, it also feels so much better.

And be generous. When the bank balance starts to dwindle, it’s tempting to say “no more!” to anything that begins with a dollar-sign. We also tend to get really greedy with our time, our connections and everything else. Do you know someone who’s stingy? How do you feel about that person? Let go of the fear and be generous again. If you don’t have a penny to spare, give up an hour for somebody who has less than you. Be really generous in connecting a rising star in the industry. When you give, everyone wins. And when the two people you connected want to do something nice for someone, who will they think of? They’ll think of you.

Business (and especially marketing) doesn’t have to feel gross. It doesn’t have to be gross. Understanding your fear, letting go of it, and replacing it with passion and generosity is a killer start to loving your business and your life. Throw in a little of your own creativity and you’ve got a recipe for big, authentic success. Live brilliantly.


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