Meh to Marvelous Transformation: Day 28

In today’s “Meh to Marvelous” check-in video, Michelle explores an unhealthy relationship in her life. She describes how hard it is to be in a relationship with someone who has some really low energy. The “level 1″ she’s describing is the victim level. People with this kind of energy feel like they are at the effect of their lives. It can be really depressing for them and draining for everyone around them.

Want to find out about the rest of the energy levels and get your score? Take the VendorCrush Assessment to see how you’re showing up and exactly how much “level 1 energy” you have. In the coaching session that follows the assessment, you’ll find out how it’s affecting your life and business and what you can do about it.

“Michelle came to me because she was looking to make some huge changes in her life and kickstart her new business. She’s an experienced florist living in a major city and she is totally devoted to her kids, including a daughter with special needs. Michelle’s motivation to start her own business stemmed from her desire to spend more time with her daughters. She’s keeping a video diary of her progress in this 90-day Meh to Marvelous transformation.


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