Meh to Marvelous Transformation: Day 29

For day 29 of her “Meh to Marvelous” transformation, Michelle is happy to report she’s not feeling like last week! The birds are chirping in the background, but Michelle is still struggling with how to be in a relationship with such a big energy mismatch.

Michelle was hoping that her positive attitude and outlook would rub off on the other person, but so far, no dice. In her work with coach, Jeff Hellenbrand, she’s continuing to change herself why giving the people around her permission to do what they want (that is, to change or not).

Is there someone in your life that you wish you could change? How much pain, anxiety and frustration does wanting to change this person cause you? Has it ever helped to change them? It never does. Instead of focusing on them, let’s focus on you. How can you let go of wanting to change them? How much time, energy and sanity would you have if you stopped trying to do the impossible?

No longer wanting someone to change is not the same thing as giving up on them. It’s a starting point for allowing them to change on their own (when they’re ready). It’s not impossible for someone to change, but it is impossible for someone who doesn’t want to change to change simply because you want them to. That’s just not how it works.

“Michelle came to me because she was looking to make some huge changes in her life and kickstart her new business. She’s an experienced florist living in a major city and she is totally devoted to her kids, including a daughter with special needs. Michelle’s motivation to start her own business stemmed from her desire to spend more time with her daughters. She’s keeping a video diary of her progress in this 90-day Meh to Marvelous transformation.


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