Meh to Marvelous Transformation: Day 26

Michelle checks in for her “Meh to Marvelous” transformation after her field trip on this busy, super fun day. She shares about a really exciting chance meeting with someone who created the exact job they wanted. For her, it’s a powerful reminder that we are co-creators of our reality.

That’s a pretty heady concept: “co-creators of our reality.” What does it mean? It means you have way more control than you think. What’s one situation where you feel like you don’t have much control? In that situation, how are you influencing things you maybe didn’t even consider before? If you’re having trouble thinking of any, that’s okay. It’s normal. Just know that you have way more power than you think. This idea is the key to why some people seem to have all of the luck and others seem to be followed around by a big, dark cloud. It’s not fate. It’s you! Want to find out which camp you fall into and how you can change it if you don’t like what you see? Sign up for the Get Better Brides process today.

“Michelle came to me because she was looking to make some huge changes in her life and kickstart her new business. She’s an experienced florist living in a major city and she is totally devoted to her kids, including a daughter with special needs. Michelle’s motivation to start her own business stemmed from her desire to spend more time with her daughters. She’s keeping a video diary of her progress in this 90-day Meh to Marvelous transformation.


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