Tuesday Tech Tip: Life hack with EasilyDo iPhone App

easilydoI love saving oodles of time. And I love sharing my best hacks and apps with you. I’m pretty excited about this week’s Tuesday Tech Tip: saving time with the iPhone app EasilyDo (also available for Android).

The app strives to be your personal assistant. I’ve used a few apps like this and they all have one major flaw (and EasilyDo does not escape this fate): they’re slow. Worse (I guess I’m starting with the cons this time) it’s a battery drain, even though it claims it isn’t. Because of the sweet location-based stuff it does, it needs constant access to your phone’s gps which results in serious battery loss.

If it’s slow AND  a battery hog, what makes it worth using? I’m so glad you asked. Here’s why I’m keeping it on the phone:

  1. It tells me when to leave for appointments. Seriously. I was hanging out with my new pal, Nancy, author of the super-fabulous introvert-energizer e-newsletter (if you’re an introvert, you need to be on that list), at a coffee shop today, when my phone beeped. Sure enough, it’s the EasilyDo app saying “It’s time to leave for your next appointment” with an option to go straight to Google Maps (you read that right, you can choose whether it defaults to Apple’s crappy maps or Google’s) for turn-by-turn voice-guided directions. How cool is that? It actually analyzes how much time it takes to get from where you are to where your next appointment is. Don’t rely on this, but it’s really cool when it works. And it’s super helpful for people like me who get sucked into super interesting conversations and lose track of time. Thanks, Nancy!
  2. I don’t miss birthdays. Check this out: On Friday, directly from the app, I can see who has a birthday coming up (this is all through Facebook and relies on people sharing their birthday with you) over the weekend and send them a quick note, to be sent on the correct day (automatically) at the time of day I choose. (People can tell you use the app, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I mean, if you really cared, you’d call anyway, right?)
  3. It reads Facebook for me. What? That’s right. It catches me up on important and popular posts and even suggests that I congratulate someone (when appropriate). I check Facebook three times a day most days. And this app still caught important things that I missed. Word.
  4. It dials into conferences for me. I don’t know about you, but I find myself dialing into conference calls a lot. I must admit, I haven’t used this yet, but as long as your calendar-event is titled “phone number, access code#” it’s supposed to dial right in (and enter your access code for you so you don’t have to remember it, phew) with the push of a button.

This thing has saved me a ton of time. It keeps track (cool for people who like to track everything or just justify the app) of how much time it’s saved you. But here’s the thing, it says it’s saved me something like fifteen minutes. That would be true, if you only counted how long it would have taken me to do those things. But in order to check birthdays and write messages, I would need to log in three days in a row (something I’m not great at anyway) and check for birthdays. And I don’t know about you, but if I’m on Facebook, I may as well check notifications and my newsfeed. Goodbye 45 minutes. So I estimate this thing has saved me a week.

Is it worth it despite the battery-killing thing and slowness? Yup. Just make sure you have a phone charger nearby.



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