Are you a good customer?

ohyoucloseSometimes business owners grumble about needy clients who ask for way too much, endlessly talk down the price and demand an instant response to their emails, even at 3am on a Monday. Hey, I’d grumble about that, too. Some of those business owners, though, aren’t exactly ideal customers, themselves.

I suspect that some business owners are attracting demanding, price-centered clients because, when it’s their time to buy, that’s exactly who they turn into. The next time you’re the customer, pay attention to how you treat the person you’re considering buying from.

Where do you fall on the customer-quality scale? How do you treat your suppliers? How about the cashier at Starbucks or the grocery store?

If you’re a bad customer (and you don’t want to be), choose to be a great customer. In my experience, customers who are friendly and compassionate end up paying less in the end than customers who think they have to be dicks to get the best deal. And, when they’re business owners, they also tend to get clients who are just as great to work with.

Be the kind of client you want. And see what happens.


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