Be More Generous with What You Have

When I ask wedding business owners if they are as generous as they want to be, they usually say “no.” This is a generous bunch, too. No matter how generous they’re being, they wish they could do more. Most of them feel they can’t give as much money as they want to because they aren’t making enough.

And that totally sucks. Because when you think of yourself as a generous person, but you aren’t being as generous as you want to be, you feel stuck. Your hands are tied. And you might even feel powerless.

Instead, realize that generosity isn’t just about money. It can be so much bigger than that. It’s time to get creative about how you express generosity. Maybe it’s spending a little more time with someone or giving a potential client (who is overwhelmed or in a hurry) fewer options to make things easier. It could be sending a note in the mail or offering some timely advice to someone who really wants it. It’s not about what you don’t have, it’s about being generous with what you do have, with what you love to do, and with what you’re good at doing.

Instead of feeling like you can’t give the way you want to, ask yourself, “What do I already have that I can give away?” Once you start looking, you’ll never run out of new ways to be generous.

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What are you doing for Kindness Week 2013?

I was talking with my friend Derek about how it can be so easy to feel frustrated and powerless when we spend too much time thinking about world issues. After all, things like government corruption and human trafficking just seem so overwhelming. It feels like there’s nothing we can do.

But there are always things we CAN do. And when we feel empowered to do something, we stop feeling sorry for ourselves and we take action to help others. We make the world a better place, as much through being empowered (instead of embittered) as through helping. Anyway, I typed in the website “” not knowing if it existed or not. And it does. And as luck would have it, they’re celebrating Kindness Week right now. Here’s more from the founder of What You Can Do:
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