The Mindset You Must Ditch To Book High-End Clients

This article is a guest post by Maria Bayer.

Maria BayerIn my Irresistible Selling program, we focus a lot on mindset, because your mindset either works for you or against you. And I teach my students how to get their mindset working for them, so they can build the kind of business they love.
So what would you say if I told you that you likely have a mindset that is working against you, and hurting your chances of booking high-end clients? You’d want to know what it was so you could change it, right?

Let’s start with an analogy. We’ve all met a criticizer – someone who has expectations that are never met. We also know that criticizers are that way because they’re critical of themselves, and it manifests in their behavior toward others.
Similarly, do you find yourself complaining that you can’t find high-end clients, or that people have budgets that don’t match their Pinterest boards? If you do, then I’m willing to bet that your mindset of lack is manifesting in other ways, too.
For example, do you penny pinch in your personal life? Have you ever thought,

“I can’t afford to hire myself.”

If so, then you’re putting out into the universe a message of lack. Put another way, your desire to book clients with big budgets is incongruent with your mindset about money. And your desire to save money and cut corners in your personal life is reflected back to you in your clients.

So what’s the answer? Change your relationship with money. Go for quality instead of quantity. Stop looking for the best ‘deal’ and look for the best value. Exhibit abundance and you’ll attract abundance.

So if your business doesn’t reflect what you want on the outside, look within to see what it is reflecting.

Change what’s on the inside, and the outside has no choice but to follow. The only question is, which do you choose…lack or abundance?


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There were so many great articles, it was hard to narrow it down. What was your favorite article? Did it make the list?

Don’t Force It

dontforceitAre you trying too hard? It’s easy to get swept up in the “I must market my wedding business!” mindset, but it’s dangerous. Nobody likes it when you’re being pushy. I think it all comes down to fear. If you’re afraid of not having enough sales, or worse: going under, it’s a totally natural reaction to go into desperate-marketing-mode. But, please, don’t do it.

Being desperate and pushy doesn’t work. Do you like it when your Facebook newsfeed is full of self-promotional stuff? When somebody calls you because they need your business? When you get the 100th email saying “free junk” or “please stop what you’re doing and buy this!”? Nobody does.

Learn from it. It’s tempting to ignore what made you jump into gross-marketing mode, but it’s worth a closer look. What in particular made you feel like you had to go into sales mode? Where is the fear? When you know the fear, it’s a whole lot easier to squash it. Uncovering it is often enough to say, “hey, it’s really not so bad.”

Instead, be passionate. People love real, authentic passion. You are intensely passionate about what you do and who you serve. You’re probably also passionate about weird things like unicycles, garage sales or action figures. Be your weird self. Connect with people who love what you do. Put yourself out there. Be a leader in passion. Not only will it naturally lead you to the right clients, it also feels so much better.

And be generous. When the bank balance starts to dwindle, it’s tempting to say “no more!” to anything that begins with a dollar-sign. We also tend to get really greedy with our time, our connections and everything else. Do you know someone who’s stingy? How do you feel about that person? Let go of the fear and be generous again. If you don’t have a penny to spare, give up an hour for somebody who has less than you. Be really generous in connecting a rising star in the industry. When you give, everyone wins. And when the two people you connected want to do something nice for someone, who will they think of? They’ll think of you.

Business (and especially marketing) doesn’t have to feel gross. It doesn’t have to be gross. Understanding your fear, letting go of it, and replacing it with passion and generosity is a killer start to loving your business and your life. Throw in a little of your own creativity and you’ve got a recipe for big, authentic success. Live brilliantly.

Day 4: Avoid the Wedding Season Website Traffic Rut

Kathy DalPra Bride AppealIt’s Day 4 and Kathy DalPra from Bride Appeal has some awesome ideas for you on how to stay ahead with content this Summer. Have a pen ready, because she’s got some homework for you. Settle in and enjoy this great mini-webinar on how to get your website traffic to make sure you stay in front of brides all season long (without pulling all-nighters to write blog posts in July).

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Day 2: Market, Don’t Park It: Easily Stay in Front of Brides This Summer

Blaihin Murphy Bride EnomicsIt’s Day 2 of the Simplify Your Summer series and Bláithín Murphy of Bride Enomics is here to show you how to continue to market your business (without piling more work on your plate) in the crunch of wedding season. First, check out her great tips in the jam-packed video below.

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Get the rest of the Simplify Your Summer expert tips delivered straight to your inbox and get access to the live Q&A with Jeff Hellenbrand on May 20th at

Real Vendor Talks: Genevieve Burruss of The Way We Click Photography

Check out this interview with the super fun, brilliant and blunt Genevieve Burruss, owner of The Way We Click Photography:

We talk about moving your business to a new city, establishing your brand there, the importance of referrals and some tips for getting the most out of social media. Gen tells us why it’s so important to be yourself and to work with the right clients for you. She also drops the F-bomb.

My favorite part is her big surprise after turning down a client who was a bad fit.

Don’t Get More Brides, Get Better Brides

photo credit: Team Twilight

Do you want to get more brides? Wedding entrepreneurs (especially with new businesses) spend a lot of time thinking about how to get more clients. Being really good at what you do is important, but it doesn’t matter if brides aren’t hiring you. All businesses need clients. The danger comes when we begin to think that getting more brides is all that matters.

What happens when all we want to do is “get more brides”?

We start working with poor-fit clients. They aren’t very fun to hang out with. They don’t get our jokes. And worst of all…

Brides don’t like our work. If the client isn’t a good fit, there’s a good chance they won’t be thrilled with our work, even if it’s amazing. And, lastly… Continue reading

Four Reasons You’re Getting Bad Yelp Reviews

Photo Credit:

Yelp is amazing for business. We’re good people, we do good work. Brides see a bunch of five-star reviews and they hire us on the spot. And then one day, you see it. A bad review. Your heart sinks. You wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” Suddenly you’re getting phone calls asking about the bad review. And instead of talking about what makes your service incredible, you’re trying to defend yourself.

This sucks.


Here are four reasons you’re getting bad Yelp reviews:

1. You did not communicate expectations. We are people pleasers and we do everything we can to make people happy. But sometimes, this leads us to not be really clear with brides about what we can and can’t do. Next time, make sure your clients know exactly what to expect (and what not to) before it’s too late.

2. You sold a bride you shouldn’t have. Who doesn’t like getting hired? People who get hired by the wrong bride and wind up with a nasty review, that’s who. Stop trying to book every bride who walks in the door. Be yourself and let the bad ones walk away. See Three Things You’re Doing To Get Bad Brides.
Continue reading

Three Things You’re Doing To Get Bad Brides

Every wedding entrepreneur wants tons of great clients. But most of us have had a couple of rotten ones, too. If you’ve ever gotten one lousy review on Yelp, worked with a really needy bride or had somebody inexplicably demand a refund, you know what I mean. And you also know how much it sucks.

As a coach, I help point out things that wedding business owners don’t realize they’re doing. Things that are attracting exactly the wrong types of clients. Here are three things you’re doing to get bad brides:

You don’t set boundaries.
This shows up in a lot of different ways. Often, it’s making one-too-many revisions for a needy client or dropping your price way more than you should.

You break your own rules.
It’s not good enough just to have rules (rules like “no checking email after 7pm”). You actually have to stick to them (at least the good ones). When you break your own rules, you open the door to let clients walk all over you, too.
Continue reading

Be Strong. Be Yourself.

A lot of wedding entrepreneurs take on clients against their better judgment. They think, “maybe this will turn out to be a good client,” or simply “I can’t afford to turn down business.” There’s a myth lingering from the old-school way of business that says “all business is good business.” Which is nice. It’s just wrong.

I’d like to show you why you can’t afford to be anything but yourself. Here’s why you should be strong and be yourself:

1. Being fake isn’t effective.
So many people “turn on the nice” when a bride walks in the door. It doesn’t work. I mean, it beats just being a total jackass. But brides smell fake a mile away. So if you’re having a horrible day, find a polite way to mention they caught you on an off day. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you open up and Continue reading