Real Vendor Talks: Heidi Thompson Interview

I had the chance to sit down with Heidi Thompson of Evolve Your Wedding Business. We talk marketing, how to avoid being gross and the importance of generosity. See the full interview below:

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Real Vendor Talks: Genevieve Burruss of The Way We Click Photography

Check out this interview with the super fun, brilliant and blunt Genevieve Burruss, owner of The Way We Click Photography:

We talk about moving your business to a new city, establishing your brand there, the importance of referrals and some tips for getting the most out of social media. Gen tells us why it’s so important to be yourself and to work with the right clients for you. She also drops the F-bomb.

My favorite part is her big surprise after turning down a client who was a bad fit.

Real Vendor Talks: Emily Steffen Photography

Yeehaw! We’re ringing in the new year in style. I couldn’t have thought of a better wedding pro to help me kick off the new Real Vendor Talks video series than the one and only Emily Steffen of Emily Steffen Photography.

Emily is known for gorgeous wedding pictures, her whimsical style (slash) brand and her ability to juggle roles as a successful mompreneur. Or momtrepreneur, if you want to french it up a bit.

In this video, Emily speaks about dealing with the tragic loss of her parents, finding work-life balance, building an authentic brand and preparing for parenthood as an entrepreneur. Don’t miss this valuable small business advice in our chat below.

Guest: Emily Steffen of Emily Steffen Photography

Real Vendor Talks is a video series where Cake Coaching founder, Jeff Hellenbrand, engages in gutsy conversations that matter with passionate wedding pros and the entrepreneurs who serve them.