The Get Better Brides Process

Are you happy with the kind of brides that are finding you? The Get Better Brides Process is a proven method for finding out how clients REALLY see you and your business. You’ll also learn which kinds of brides are attracted to you and which ones aren’t – and you may be surprised by what you find out!

Most vendors think that the reason they aren’t getting the kind of brides they want is because of their marketing, the economy or maybe their budget. Some just have no idea. The reality is that you (and, by extension, your business) are attracting certain brides to you and repelling others. The sooner you figure out exactly how brides see you (even if they don’t realize it), the sooner you can decide to change.

The Get Better Brides Process will show you:

  • How brides and other vendors REALLY see you
  • What kinds of brides you appeal to (it may surprise you!)
  • Why you’ve been struggling to take your business to the next level
  • How to effortlessly get the clients you really want

Here’s how it works: After you click the “Buy Now” button below to kick off the process, you’ll be emailed instructions. First, you’ll take the 20-minute online assessment. Afterward, you’ll have a scheduled, 40-minute coaching session by phone with Jeff Hellenbrand. If you’re unintentionally turning off great clients, the sooner you understand why, the sooner you can change.

Stop waiting for something to happen. Find out what kind of brides you appeal to (and how to change it if you want) today.

The Get Better Brides Process

get better bridesWant to get better brides? You’re attracting certain types of clients for a reason. Find out how you could be unintentionally turning off great clients. The assessment shows you exactly why you’re seeing your current level of success. Our follow-up coaching session will give you the tools to get better clients. Right now, you can get this $350 assessment package for $99.

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