Righteous Reboot + Tech Report Card

Are you organized? Do your systems totally rock? Or do you find yourself struggling to get it all done, knowing there’s a better way but with no idea where to start?

The Righteous Reboot is a total refresh and makeover of your technology, gadgets and business systems. In this 4-hour in-person or Skype conversation, we look at what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll get the Tech Report Card showing you how well (and how efficiently) you handle everything from client communication to project management.

How much time could you save if you had better systems in place? If technology was actually working for you (instead of fighting you)? What are you going to do with all of that free time? I recommend taking a vacation or something.

Here’s a quick rundown of the goods:

  • 4-hour Skype consultation (total systems makeover)
  • Get the Tech Report Card to see how you’re doing
  • Set up faster, better (cheaper?) and more current tech
  • Stop wrestling with technology and start loving it

Righteous Reboot + Tech Report Card

rebootFeel like you’re fighting technology half of the time? It’s time for a total overhaul and refresh of your technology, your gadgets and your systems. The Righteous Reboot is a three-hour in-person or Skype consultation and business-systems makeover. The Tech Report Card will show you how well (and efficiently) you’re performing in key areas like client communication and project management and how you can save yourself some serious time and energy. $500.

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