Best of the Wedding Web: 2013

bestAs we say goodbye to another year, it’s an excellent time to look back at some of the best articles written just for wedding pros. Here are some of my favorites:

What’s the Value of an Industry Conference, a Webinar, an Article?
Alan Berg cuts to the chase about investing in ourselves and our businesses while asking our clients to invest in us.

How to Schedule an Entire Week’s Worth of Social Media Posts in Just 30 Minutes
Heidi Thompson lays out her straightforward plan to knock out a week’s worth of social media without pulling your hair out.

Six Embarrassing Reasons the Bride Blew You Off
Jeff and Steph talk truth about why potential clients aren’t getting back to you.

Jealousy and Success
Liene beautifully articulates how to deal with naysayers and jealous-types in this short post.

Pricing is a Marketing Decision
If you’re wrestling with pricing (or just second-guessing yours), Michelle has some great questions for you to ask yourself.

Why Couples Say They Can’t Afford You’re Wedding Services
Kathy gives it to you straight about what’s really going on when couples say those dreaded words, “you’re out of the budget.”

There were so many great articles, it was hard to narrow it down. What was your favorite article? Did it make the list?