Tuesday Tech Tip: Write on PDFs for Free

Today’s tip is a quickie. PDFescape allows you to edit PDFs quickly and easily for free and without signing up. What it lacks in looks (and maybe ease-of-use), it makes up for in simplicity. For those of us who don’t have, use or understand fancy design programs, it’s an earth-killing hassle to have to print off every PDF that comes our way just to fill in a couple of blanks and a signature.

Here’s the play-by-play:

  1. Upload the PDF to www.PDFescape.com
  2. Add your text and images (I like to drop in a .jpg of my signature to skip printing).
  3. Click one button to download the new version to your computer.
  4. Email the form.

Presto! It’s just that easy. And it beats the heck out of getting a PDF emailed to you, downloading the attachment, printing it out, signing it, scanning it and emailing back, then recycling (or heaven forbid, throwing way) a single sheet of paper that was useful for the thirty seconds you needed it.

Save the earth, save your sanity.