Tuesday Tech Tip: Develop Better Habits

Develop better habits with "Lift"It’s time for me to share yet another secret weapon with you. I’ve been using the iPhone app Lift for three months now and it’s definitely a keeper. Lift is a clean and simple habit-tracking app with a social element. In the book “Willpower” the authors explain that people with more willpower actually use willpower less. By using their willpower to develop better habits on the front end (like flossing), they don’t have to expend the energy each day to floss, they just do it without thinking. This is a huge concept. It means you don’t need more willpower. You need better habits. Unfortunately, you’re going to need to use some of that willpower to get the ball rolling.

I’m a big fan of measuring everything (see the Quantified Self). Why the excitement around keeping track? For me, it’s motivating to look back at the last week or month and see how I’m doing. Just checking in every day reminds me of my goals and the habits I’m trying to develop.

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