The Mindset You Must Ditch To Book High-End Clients

This article is a guest post by Maria Bayer.

Maria BayerIn my Irresistible Selling program, we focus a lot on mindset, because your mindset either works for you or against you. And I teach my students how to get their mindset working for them, so they can build the kind of business they love.
So what would you say if I told you that you likely have a mindset that is working against you, and hurting your chances of booking high-end clients? You’d want to know what it was so you could change it, right?

Let’s start with an analogy. We’ve all met a criticizer – someone who has expectations that are never met. We also know that criticizers are that way because they’re critical of themselves, and it manifests in their behavior toward others.
Similarly, do you find yourself complaining that you can’t find high-end clients, or that people have budgets that don’t match their Pinterest boards? If you do, then I’m willing to bet that your mindset of lack is manifesting in other ways, too.
For example, do you penny pinch in your personal life? Have you ever thought,

“I can’t afford to hire myself.”

If so, then you’re putting out into the universe a message of lack. Put another way, your desire to book clients with big budgets is incongruent with your mindset about money. And your desire to save money and cut corners in your personal life is reflected back to you in your clients.

So what’s the answer? Change your relationship with money. Go for quality instead of quantity. Stop looking for the best ‘deal’ and look for the best value. Exhibit abundance and you’ll attract abundance.

So if your business doesn’t reflect what you want on the outside, look within to see what it is reflecting.

Change what’s on the inside, and the outside has no choice but to follow. The only question is, which do you choose…lack or abundance?


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