Pug Road Trip: San Francisco and Harris Beach State Park

Courtesy of emilypearl on Instagram

We didn’t want to leave Lake Tahoe. But San Francisco was calling our names and I had never been. Driving up and down the hilly, winding streets, the buildings looked like some weird mashup of architecture I’ve seen in the Southwest and Mexico and someplace else I’ve never imagined. For the most part, our city visit was pretty tame, with the exception of a couple of guys standing around in assless chaps (there happened to be a fetish convention in town that weekend) and the sea lions. Nobody told me about the noisy creatures on Pier 39, a major tourist destination.

If you haven’t been, imagine fifty or so sea lions beached on a half dozen floating piers. Continue reading

Pug Road Trip: The Open Road

Roscoe is our security guard at Pawnee Lake near Lincoln, NE.

We’re on the road! Our trip has been full of surprises: some pleasant, some pretty unsettling. We’ve had plenty of time for bonding, sing-alongs and car games. And we haven’t tried to kill each other yet.

Gorgeous sunset view from our campsite on Pawnee Lake.

I was totally unprepared for tent-camping in below-freezing overnight temperatures (a big change from daytime temps near 90 degrees). Even with the air mattress, wife and two pugs (the perfect foot-warmers), it was pretty chilly. And I learned humility when I heard the rustlings of what we later decided was a mountain lion near the tent and I (being alone with four nervous dogs) jumped frantically into the car to avoid dying. I think I scared it off by slamming the car door. Continue reading