Day 1: Taking Care of the Goods: Self Care in the Trenches

I’m kicking off the Simplify Your Summer series by talking about how to take care of yourself during wedding season. It’s way too important to gloss over and it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. Check out the intro video:

The foundation: Minding the Self Care Trinity
You’ve got to take care of these basics, first.

  • Sleep
    • Quality is just as important as Quantity
    • pre-sleep downtime (no screens 30 mins before bed!)
    • shut out light with better blinds or curtains
  • Fuel
    • See food for what it really is: fuel for your mind and body
    • Baby Steps: Now is NOT the time to start that new fad diet. Make small changes instead.
    • Eat healthy stuff first (before the junk)
    • Out of sight, out of mind
      • Hide the processed, bad-for-you, tempting snacks behind the carrots and other good-for-you foods
  • Exercise
    • Put it on the calendar
    • Work out with a buddy (for the extra accountability)
    • Make it fun! Do things you love like hiking, swimming or kayaking
    • Incorporate it into your day (for example: make some phone calls while you go for a walk)

Now that you’ve covered the basics, create a plan for those inevitable stressful moments. I know it seems daunting when you’re already busy, but the alternative is that you’re stressed out and burned out. By making time for yourself, you can stay on your A-game and make sure that you’re at your best for yourself, your clients and your family. Remember that when you win (at self care) everyone wins.

What are your Pressure-Relief Valves?

  • Make a list of five things you can do to de-stress and recharge
  • Consider things like yoga, meditation, running, deep-breathing
  • Do nothing! Schedule 1-2 hours each week where you have no obligations
  • Be creative: What do YOU love to do that recharges you?
  • For example: have a campfire, dinner with friends, improv classes, garden, read a book

Cool Apps to help you

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