Tuesday Tech Tip: Eliminate Social Media Overposting with Buffer


Instant Gratification: Buffer is a great service that automagically spaces out your social media posts to Facebook and Twitter so you don’t fill up your fans’ news feeds.

I love finding great stuff to share with peeps on the Cake Coaching Facebook Page. But I have two problems. First, I tend to find a bunch of great content at once, followed by a dry spell. Second, I’m too lazy to schedule every post in Hootsuite, which is a great service, by the way. Hootsuite also has an auto-schedule feature which is worth a look. I tried it a couple of times and didn’t like when it was posting or how close together it posted and that’s why I decided to try Buffer.

In comes Buffer, the magical service that lets you quickly and easily add content from all of the web (the Chrome Extension is a must-have) and posts it at the best time. I have to admit, I just started using this service, but so far I’m impressed. You can control how often and when you post to different social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There’s also a WordPress plugin for automatically putting new blog posts in your Buffer queue. Pretty cool, huh? Keep in mind the free version is pretty limited (you’ll have to choose between your company page or your personal account). The paid version is $10/month, not bad for the time it frees up.

If you have a tendency to overwhelm your followers with content one day and then not post anything for two days, this is a great way to spread things out so that you’re reaching the most people and not being annoying.

Guest Post: How I Created a Viral Blog in 4 Months

CT Designs Inc logoI am so grateful to Jeff for asking me to share the story of how I was able to dramatically increase my blog traffic… Our numbers are still climbing and I couldn’t be happier.

My blogging history was sporadic at best. I would post maybe once or twice a week if I found the time. I wanted more traffic, but always thought I was just too busy to be a consistent blogger. I read somewhere that Google search engines are friendlier to blogs who’s content is refreshed 3-4 times per week.

Well starting in September 2011, I did just that and my blog traffic went through the roof. The following are some steps I took and hopefully they can help you as well:

  • I began to produce more content for my blog. Sounds elementary right? Honestly though, while it may seem daunting, as long as you can block out some time to store up multiple blogs, you won’t fall behind.
  • I made sure that my blog titles were more search engine friendly than they were “pithy”. It is always tempting to title your blog in a witty fashion, but its not always best if you’d like for your blog to pop up during searches. Continue reading