Tuesday Tech Tip: Songza Saves the Day

staring-monsterFor today’s tech tip, I wanted to do something fun. Music is like breathing for me. If I go too long without hearing it or making some, I start to lose my mind. Songza.com is my go-to place for free streaming music. It’s not for everybody, but it’s my cup of tea, especially now that I’ve used it for a bit. Songza was one of the very few online music services that also worked in Canada, which has been nice for the last six months.



Why not Pandora?

Pandora is pretty sweet, except that when I want to listen to Elliott Smith, I create a channel based on him and then I get to listen to everything that sounds like him. But almost never him.

Why not Spotify?

Don’t get my wrong, Spotify is amazeballs. I’m just not cool enough to create my own playlists every day. I want a service that plays music I like and introduces me to new stuff without me doing the legwork.

Why Songza?

Songza’s claim-to-fame is it’s music concierge service, which is really cool in theory. When you first land on the site, it gives you some listening options based on the time of day and day of the week. So on a Friday evening at say 6pm, it will give you options like “Cooking Dinner,” “Pre-Partying,” and “Chilling with Friends.” You then choose from a short list of genre’s and lastly pick from three different playlists. If you like to work with music on (I know I do), there’s even an option during weekdays for “Music without Lyrics” so you don’t get too distracted.

I’ve used the concierge a bunch and I pretty quickly found that I didn’t like a lot of the playlists. However, I also found a handful of playlists I absolutely love. And those playlists occasionally get updates so I can keep listening to them without things getting stale.

Here are my top lists (I’m into Indie bands that aren’t cool anymore):

  1. Handclapping & Footstomping
  2. Guitars & PBRs
  3. Coffee Shop Indie

And just like Pandora, if there are a couple of songs on the list you’re not into, you can always give them the thumbs down.