Tuesday Tech Tip: Turn it Off

if you can read this somebody stole my iphoneDo you have a hard time disconnecting from technology? Do you find yourself getting distracted by incoming emails, texts and calls? Most of us do.

Technology isn’t bad. The internet isn’t the devil. Like every human invention, it serves a purpose and it can be used for good or evil (and usually both). When people say that TV is all bad or complain about teenagers glued to their cell phones, I gently remind them that technology doesn’t have to own us. We can control it. But we have to choose to.

Technology is overrunning our lives and, for the most part, we have no idea what to do. Don’t just lay there. It’s time to fight back.

Here are three simple ways to take back your life from the grips of technology overload:

  1. Turn off your phone. No one needs to have their cell phone on 24/7. Except maybe doctors (and none read this blog). If you own a wedding business, turn off the damn phone, at least when you sleep.
  2. Put it on airplane mode. In an era of constant distractions, we must create our own sanctuaries if we are to have any hope of being productive. If you need to be creative for an hour, put your phone on airplane mode (if you can’t turn it off) and set an alarm to remind you to turn it back on to check messages.
  3. Turn off notifications. On my iphone, the only notifications I want are text messages and voicemail. If I don’t want those, I put the thing on airplane mode. You do NOT need to know every time an email comes in (read why in this post).

These three minor adjustments can mean the difference between feeling overwhelmed and feeling like you are in control. Build a little peace into your life and it will spread. Which one of these is hardest for YOU to do? How could you benefit from doing it anyway?