Vampire Brides!

Are You A Victim of Vampire Brides?

Am I a victim of what?

You heard me. Vampire brides. Those pesky, difficult, cheap, frustrating brides. I call them vampires, because they suck… your time, money and energy. Most of our clients are wonderful, but today we’re talking about the bad ones.

How much do vampire brides cost?

In short, way more than you think. Vampire brides are cheap and they always leave unhappy. Some of them will even try to get their money back after you worked so hard to please them. They’re needy. So don’t be surprised when they call you at two in the morning or expect you to respond to an email with eighteen bullet points in less than ten minutes. That’s not to mention the hours they keep you up at night, worrying about what they’ll think or how to do the impossible: make them happy. Clients that drain you take more than your time and money. They suck the life right out of you. How do you feel when you think about a really difficult client? Sick to your stomach? When a vampire bride drains your energy and makes you dread going to work, everything suffers: your creativity, your passion and your ability to get new (non-vampire) clients.

Most entrepreneurs deal with bad clients at some point and you’re definitely not alone. So how do you de-fang the vampires?
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