Pug Road Trip: The Border… and Vancouver


Courtesy of emilypearl on Instagram

Emily was really nervous as we approached the border. Which was silly, since we had nothing to be nervous about – that’s just how she gets (I always laugh at how people who never get into trouble with the law are always the most nervous around authority figures. These are the people who have absolutely nothing to hide.) But her anxiety was validated when our friends got waived through at the border and we were asked to “step inside.” We parked the car and left the pugs to defend it from inside by eyeballing passing cars. After verbally berating us, the customs officer asked us for paper copies of some random documents. We had digital copies, but in Canada, digital isn’t real. The officer actually got out the paperwork to turn us away at the border, when a friend (thanks, De!) saved the day by faxing (they don’t have email, go figure) the documents. The officer was pleased with the ink-on-dead-trees approach and finally let us through, but not before stapling a fat chunk of paper to each of our passports. Continue reading