Why I’m Moving to Vancouver (temporarily)

aerial photo of vancouver, city, ocean, mountains

Photo Credit: http://www.idmaa.org/

In a matter of weeks, my wife, Emily, and I will be hitting the open road with Roscoe and Relvis (the pugs) to make our way to Canada. It’s a big change from Chicago. When we tell people where we’re moving, they tell us how amazing Vancouver is. In fact, we haven’t heard one bad thing about the place. Still, most people don’t just up and leave, especially when everything is going well. So to help you understand the decision (and to encourage you to make your own big decision) here are some of the reasons I’m moving to Vancouver:


It’s pretty. We’re going to be living in a little cabin on the ocean at the foot of the mountains. To me, that is heaven. I wanted to live by the ocean and the mountains and I didn’t want to have to pick one. Beauty is important and I want to be surrounded by it.

It’s scary. The idea of both of us quitting our day jobs to move to another country so that I can focus on my business (my dream job) is frightening. It’s also exciting. It would be scarier to deny what we now know is the right thing to do just because it feels “safe.”
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