Wedding Business Coaching

As a wedding entrepreneur, you don’t have to let your business run you. By transforming the way you see yourself and the world, you can radically change the results you’re getting in your business. The icing on the cake? My programs show you how having more fun directly relates to increasing your bottom line. It’s not too late to fall back in love with your business and get more (and better) clients. Let’s get started.

The Get Better Brides Process

get better bridesWant to get better brides? You’re attracting certain types of clients for a reason. Find out how you could be unintentionally turning off great clients. The assessment shows you exactly why you’re seeing your current level of success. Our follow-up coaching session will give you the tools to get better clients. Right now, you can get this $350 assessment package for $99.

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Business Bootcamp: Meh to Marvelous in 6 weeks

bootcampTurn your business into a brand brides can’t live without in this 6-week bootcamp. Each week features a one-hour, interactive teleclass jam-packed with what you need to know to run a successful, no-stress business and you’ll get an additional 30 minutes of open Q&A time with entrepreneur coach Jeff Hellenbrand after each call. The next boot camp starts at 10 am Central on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. $249.

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Righteous Reboot + Tech Report Card

rebootFeel like you’re fighting technology half of the time? It’s time for a total overhaul and refresh of your technology, your gadgets and your systems. The Righteous Reboot is a three-hour in-person or Skype consultation and business-systems makeover. The Tech Report Card will show you how well (and efficiently) you’re performing in key areas like client communication and project management and how you can save yourself some serious time and energy. $500.

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Business Kickstart One-on-One Coaching Package

vipIf you’re ready to kickstart your business and your life today, the Business Kickstart package will allow you to get laser-focus on making the right changes fast. This package includes ten 45-minute phone coaching sessions, the Get Better Brides Process, and a 300 page, full color workbook filled with game-changing exercises to rock your business (and your life), all for $2900.

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Total Transformation VIP Package

ttThis ain’t for sissies. The Total Transformation VIP Package includes fifteen (15!) 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions, the Get Better Brides Process, the Total Transformation audio CDs, life-changing guidebook and journal. It also includes the Righteous Reboot + Tech Report Card and unlimited access to coach Jeff Hellenbrand via email. That’s over $4500 worth of game-changing goodies. $3500.

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10 Tools to start loving your business and your life (Jeff’s Signature System)

  1. Hone in on your raison d’être: uncover your values, motivation and craft a mission that drives you forward.
  2. Set outrageous goals you didn’t think were possible (and achieve them!)
  3. Craft an irresistible message that makes brides fall all over themselves to work with you.
  4. Create a totally authentic, solid plan and make it bullet proof.
  5. Create your client community naturally and painlessly (say goodbye to gross marketing practices).
  6. Let go of internal blocks that are keeping you stuck. What could you accomplish if you simply got out of your own way?
  7. Practice Detached Engagement: the secret weapon to skyrocket sales, confidence and boost inner peace.
  8. Get unshakable confidence: know your intrinsic worth and the unique value of your service so you never flinch about pricing (or client boundaries) again.
  9. Build your team: learn to outsource and delegate effectively and responsibly.
  10. Beat stress and stay present: centering and living in the moment (how to keep moving forward, even with the world on your shoulders)